Hot Chili is based in Hoi An, Vietnam, the quaint seaside town famous for it's textile industry. The beauty and atmospheric delight of this place attracts a huge number of tourists from Vietnam and around the world. So, what if that free-spirited, sense of adventure one experiences when visiting Hoi An, could continue even after the travelling is done? That’s the notion that inspired the Hot Chili Collection.

Since launching in 2009, Hot Chili has focused on producing apparel, swimwear and accessories made from an illustrious fusion between hand-made art and the latest in screen printing technology.


Hot Chili’s artwork is hand-painted above the shop in old town Hội An by travelling or settled, friends and family. Each Hot Chili product is then designed and sewn specifically to suit the artwork at our production house, Sao Viet Screen Printers. We source 100% natural cotton with a jersey knit, from our friends in Ho Chi Minh City. Inks are imported from Japan and America. They are non-solvent based and soft to feel – working with our fabrics, not against them, to ensure quality and longevity of the print.

Hot Chili prides itself on its in-house production, product quality, versatility and artistic flare. Each piece carries an artistic story influenced by ancient art forms, the artists own experiences or the natural environment we are blessed with here in Hội An. The dresses themselves have the feel of a casual Australian lifestyle. These products are for the avid traveller, the bohemian and the wild ones.

Visit Hot Chili today in store or online, to awaken your adventurous spirit.